INDOOR Laser Shooting

•If you don't fancy braving the elements outside, why not try laser shooting inside?

•Indoors the laser guns shoot at 5 random targets which light when active. These can easily be altered to give either a very fast target or a slower target. Single or double targets light up at once.

•The whole unit can be used to great effect for team building or a highly competitive game and can involve a large number of people, as individuals or as a team.

•Sound is adjustable, along with the unit's dimensions - which will operate in most tight spaces. This can range from just a few feet wide to 20 feet wide, and people standing as close as 6 feet away to 15 feet away.

indoor-shot large

•Ideal for many indoor social occasions, such as indoor balls, exhibitions, and even outdoor events (where it can be played inside a marquee, which is heated during the winter).

•Also allows either 5 or 10 guns to be used at once.