Land Yachts

The Land Yachts are radio controlled, moving the front wheel and the jib to move the yacht, towards the buoy with a cross wind so that on tacking around the buoy the return trip is made.

6 of the Land Yachts are on the same frequency as are usually found on model cars, the remaining 5 Yachts on a frequency normally used on model planes.


The reason for this is in the event of working alongside model cars at least some of the Yachts will not have communication problems.

landyacht-1 large
landyacht2 large •Designed for up to 5 people at once.


•Fan driven wind provided for use indoors (or outdoors, on those rare still days).

•Special netting is used to diffuse the wind generated by the fans when used indoors.


•Each yacht is operated by their own (easy to master) radio control set.


•Yachts size: 21" (533.5mm) wide, 31" (787.5mm) long, 34" (863.6mm) high.


•Timed races mean great competitive fun!