About Michael Casswell

From a Lincolnshire farming family, having been educated at Trent College, Long Eaton, playing in the school teams at Cricket, Hockey and Rugby and also in the athletics where his bowling arm came to good use with a discus, and participating in the sprints. He was a Lance Sergeant in the C.C.F. On leaving school joined the family business which had diversified into vegetable production.

Having assisted drivers to load the lorries, together with Ray Wright who was also with the family business on the pig production side, instigated the idea of Pallet boxes. This revolutionised the vegetable handling from field to factory a later idea was the vegetable harvesting tractors. Another idea was the use of the waste vegetable leaves for cattle, for the times when grass was slow growing.

The family decided to buy a frozen food distribution business, as a diversification, which he ran from 1978-1991, dealing with pubs, restaurants and small shops in a 40 mile radius (approximately) of Spalding, the family sold the business in 1991. Meanwhile the vegetable business had been hit with the supermarkets approach of paying for the goods 3 months after having had them, as opposed to 1 month which had been lucrative up to then, the family decided enough was enough and left that business to continue farming.


Coming across the idea of Laser shooting, which had been thought of by Peter Gilbertson from Barnard Castle and being produced by Powercom of Bridgnorth. Decided to invest in the equipment, organised brochures and finally got the first booking in February 1992. The start moment was November 1991. In the course of several bookings and a few years he decided to take a course in clay pigeon shooting instruction, going down the path of C.P.S.A. gaining a Club coaching certificate, also the B.A.S.C. passing the Sporting Shotgun coaching course. It was soon after this he was invited into the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors as an associate member in 1999.

Laser Like a Shot was Born