What is Laser Shooting

•Laser Sport is essentially clay pigeon shooting, but is played with authentic de-activated 12 bore shotguns. A fully-camouflaged trap releases plastic clays, which participants then attempt to shoot at from 5 different angles.

•There are 5 guns to each digital scorebox (and a maximum total of 10 guns, requiring two scoreboxes) which can all be used at once, with the scoreboxes showing individual scores.

•Incorporated in the guns is a dedicated microchip which controls the infra-red beam fired by the gun. You can fire 2 barrels at a plastic clay before "re-loading".

michael •Each gun has an individual radio transmitter at a set frequency, which sends information to the scorebox. This reproduces a realistic bang and a little red light on the gun for a miss. While the sound of a breaking clay and a green light signals a hit. The participant then knows immediately how successful they are.

•The scores are worked out accordingly and displayed on the scoreboxes which are illuminated at night.